GA4 Workshop

GA is an essential tool for businesses of all sizes. The new GA4 platform offers a more advanced and integrated way to analyse and understand user behaviour across various platforms and devices.

Our two-hour workshop will provide you and your team with in-depth knowledge and practical skills to navigate and use GA4 effectively.

During the workshop, you will learn how to:

Set up and configure a GA4 account

Create and analyse custom reports

Utilise advanced features, such as event tracking, user properties, and enhanced measurement

Understand user behaviour and identify opportunities to improve your website/app performance

Optimise your marketing campaigns using GA4 insights

Meet your instructors

Our experienced team will guide you through interactive sessions, demonstrations, and hands-on exercises to ensure you understand GA4 and how to use it to enhance your business's performance.

The workshop suits beginners and intermediate-level users who want to improve their analytics skills. You can join the workshop virtually or our facilitator can hold the session in your offices.

Imogen Sara

Note training costs $395 + GST per person.

An invoice will be sent upon registration.

+ Payable before training.

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GA4 workshop