Reach lovers through social media this Valentine’s Day

Whether they are married, dating, engaged, single or divorced, it is a fact that your potential customers are social media active users. You can catch their attention in many different ways.

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Written by Smokeylemon Team

8 February 2018 | 4 Minute(s) to read

It’s Valentine's Day in just a few days and all love-struck couples are looking forward to spending some quality time with (and some money on!) each other. They’re the perfect target for a digital marketing strategy. It’s not too late, a beautiful or funny design together with well developed content and some budget to promote it, will make your message reach every couple in town!


Did you know these facts about Valentine’s Day in New Zealand? 

According to Mastercard's latest Consumer Purchasing Priorities Survey on Valentine's Day:

 Most Valentine's purchases happen during the last-minute dash on February 13.

♡ Kiwi men are expected to spend $157 on average, compared to $103 by women.

♡ Kiwis' sentimental spending has increased by 17 per cent since 2014, with the overall number of transactions going up by 59 per cent.

♡ 33% of Kiwis will celebrate being single with a meal out. Singles are the opportunity!


Make Social Media Your Greatest Ally

Whether they are married, dating, engaged, single or divorced, it is a fact that your potential customers are social media active users. You can catch their attention in many different ways:


Facebook Events

Facebook Events are ideal for restaurants, retail and even e-commerce sites. The perfect way to get users’ attention and keep it. With Facebook’s calendar connection, most people have their Facebook events connected to their smartphones, allowing notification and reminders that can re-engage users. Another great benefit is that when someone is interested in your event, this will be visible to their community and will spread the word!

 facebook events valentines

But it’s not just about creating a Facebook event. At Smokeylemon we know how to plan, coordinate and create meaningful content to engage your audience, as well as measuring the campaign success.



GIFs were the biggest digital marketing trend for 2017, due to its amazing engagement potential. In a few words, a GIF is an animation more appealing and more effective in Social Media strategies compared with videos. Currently, GIFs are shared more than JPEG or PNG images, according to the stats from W3tech.

 Salty Dog Melbourne Cup

We created this GIF for The Salty Dog Bar and Cafe. Avoiding the whitewash of horse racing images for the Melbourne Cup we decided to run with an eye-boggling GIF image of the Salty Dog Mascot. In this case it was humour and movement that attracted engagement in the post. This GIF was used as an ad as well as an event header ensuring that once the viewer showed interest in the event they received reminders closer to the time.


Run over 5 days, the figures were outstanding for this campaign:


  • 3,653 local people saw the ad.
  •  6,860 is the amount of times the ad was shown, meaning people saw it more than once.
  • 74.67% of those people engaged with the ad.
  • 23 people added the event to their calendar.
  • The ad spend cost was only $36.88*
  • And more importantly, the client had a full house that evening.


Canvas Ads

Canvas Ads are an instant-loading full-screen experience. These ads are interactive, mobile-optimised and designed to capture the complete attention of your audience. With Facebook Canvas ads, people can watch engaging videos and photos, swipe through carousels, tilt to pan and explore lifestyle images with tagged products – all in a single ad.

We have designed and run canvas ads for our clients in different industries and we can assure you they are very engaging and effective!

Facebook canvas ad Heatcool Taranaki


Click the image and check out the canvas we designed for HeatCool Taranaki and some figures on its success.


This is just the beginning - the options are endless! We can work with you and create a last-minute social media campaign that can go from a single post design to a canvas ad or event. All we need is a brief of the kind of Valentine’s spirit you want to share and we’ll take care of the rest.

Do you own a local business? Smokeylemon can help with a tailor-made social media campaign, contact us before it’s too late!  

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