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Graphic Design for Print

Even In A Digital World, Print Is Still Important

Print design is still a pretty powerful tool. You will always need print collateral to promote your product and services. Our graphic design services are quite varied and complex and range from business cards, letterheads, banners and catalogs through to 3D Designs. With the best designers in town our creative graphics team will impress you.


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Branding Services

We love coming up with a brand that makes you want to show it off to the world.  Whether you have some ideas already, or not really sure where to start, our Graphic Designers will get the ideas flowing and create something we can all be proud of.  We will conceptualise your brand in a logo and when we have that looking brilliant then we can develop business cards through to car signage.  

Check out our portfolio above for a few of our favourites.


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Social Media Graphics


This many pixels by this many.. and still it doesn't fit!

It can be extremely frustrating to update some social media platforms with the right sized cover image, thumbnail graphic whilst also ensuring you don't breach any terms of the platform.  Our graphic designs will design your pages for FaceBook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, or any other social media platform with flair reflecting your brand, products and services.  Designers can manipulate images to make them fit (within reason of course) and make it look like the million dollars you want it to (again within reason).  

If you are struggling with your social media graphics, we can help.


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Promotional Material


No more Clipart & Comic Sans!

Dont mish-mash it all up with Word fonts & clipart!  Lets keep the professional looking face of your business or organisation consistent across all channels on print & web media.  When you lay out everything about your business, you want to feel like it all works, and its making you look like the bees knees.  

With that in mind, Smokeylemon has designed booklets, brochures, letterheads, business cards, pull-up banners, car signage, product tags, notepads, stickers, presentation folders - anything you can think of, we've probably done it, and we'll do it again.  


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